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How long will my order take to arrive?

Orders that contain no Games Workshop Products are now shipped a couple of times a week so most of the time those orders should arrive in 3 - 7 days.

Orders that contain Games Workshop product will most often take 2-3 weeks to be shipped (meaning they will take around 4 weeks to arrive), this is becasue most of the time we will need to order in one of more of the products to complete these orders. 

Sometimes these orders will be quicker then this, sometimes they will be slower then this.  

Our Goal is to get you your order as quick as we can manage, we know you want your toys, its just not always as easy as it should be.



What's with the name?

The Original Owner of Black Cultist is a massive fan of the cosmic horror writings of HP Lovecraft. "The Call of Cthulhu" is perhaps his best-known work but do yourself a favour and read "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward", "The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath" or "The Picture in the House". The store name is a tribute to his unbounded imagination and to the greatness of his work.



My models are missing parts or are deformed - should I send them back to you?

No! Please contact us straight away and describe exactly what is wrong. If you can send pictures of malformed parts that also helps. We will  arrange to send you a replacement part as soon as possible.






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